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Man Cans – For Real Men


mancan_bpOK. I admit it. The story of Man-Cans makes me feel like a real slacker – but also hopeful for the entrepreneurial/philanthropical spirit of America.

Man-Cans are made inside a real soup can. The candle scents are made to appeal to men – we’re talking smells (not scents) like “Cut Grass”, “Bacon”, “Sawdust” and “Gun Powder”. There’s even a candle replicating “Grandpa’s Pipe”. How awesome is that?

Here’s the story: 13-year-old Hart Main from Ohio started his Man Cans candle business after deciding his sister’s candles smelled too girlie. OK…so I agree with the girlie stuff. C’mon guys, Lilac infused Hibiscus candles? Get a grip!

So this KID starts a business and here’s what he says, “I started my company in November of 2010 when I was 13 based on a unique idea that came to me when my sister was selling candles for a school fundraiser. The thought “Why don’t people sell candles with scents that men like?” I took this idea and ran with it. Little did I know that an idea of selling man scented candles would lead to an opportunity to feed so many people.

The can was my choice for a container because I didn’t want a manly scented candle in a glass jar, just like everyone else was doing. Many changes have happened in my company even during the first year. The website has changed twice, the options for payment has changed, the label has changed, but the quality of my product has stayed the same.

In the future I hope to continue to find new ways to provide food to people who need it and expand the number of kitchens that I currently assist. I also plan on providing unique scents to customers and to sell through locally owned stores.”

Holy crap! Is that the finest business plan in 3 paragraphs you’ve ever read?

Buy Man-Cans online. Don’t let America’s creative youth down!

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  1. Juetta permalink
    01/23/2013 11:03 am

    Awesome!!!!!! Went to the site—designed perfectly. Love this kid’s kindness, generosity and enthusiasm. I wish him sweet success and thank you for sharing this.


    • 01/23/2013 11:25 am

      Two take-aways…

      Simplicity of his objective made making his business easier to start.

      Website is on its third iteration. Until one is in the thick of selling the user experience and functionality of online commerce is conceptual.

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