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About Thought Tech



Think of us as fishing guides for your business.

You know your business inside and out. But occasionally the results aren’t up to your expectations. We’ll point you in the right direction, recommend the best tools and give high-fives with every one of your successes!

Thought Tech is an idea machine. We are known for our work in –

Online Connection – Brands can no longer afford to have “just a website”. Realize no brand is universally known. Not everyone knows why your quality is better, what you stand for or why you’re successful. You must communicate your unique value & brand proposition via every channel available. Consider this:

  • The most valuable real estate in the world may be the smartphone screen
  • Mobile commerce is the next customer connection point – 54% of Americans now own smartphones
  • Private companies embracing digital tools to engage and learn about their customers are projecting nearly twice the revenue growth as those companies not using digital tools

How will you take advantage of mobile for your business? We can take you there.

Business Strategy – start-ups and early stage businesses turn to Thought-Tech for creation of an actionable, measurable road map which defines, organizes and prioritizes key steps to bringing start-ups to fully functioning businesses

Product Development – taking concepts and ideas all the way to be “ready-to-sell”. We’re prepared to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you until you’re confident standing on your own.

And our clients love us!

“I was particularly excited about the messaging that came out of the process – he NAILED it! I believe that my clients will know exactly why I can offer services that my competitors cannot and address their needs completely, which is a direct result of Rick’s work.” A satisfied Thought Tech client.

“I commend your abilities in merchandising, marketing, sales, and most importantly, being a stand up guy!” A satisfied Thought Tech repeat client.

“Rick’s detail and client oriented work ethic allowed us to begin to establish an online presence while developing and promoting our brand image, which has exceeded our expectations.” A satisfied Thought Tech repeat client.

“The world is awash with great ideas but there’s a dearth of ideas ever brought to market”

Rick Rusch, Founder of Thought Tech

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