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The Wrong Amount of Wrong


5264348626_3a4d8f7cc4_zThe tony Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas has allegedly made its name with the “Just the right amount of wrong” campaign.

Looking for a distinctive and racier image, The Cosmopolitan staff worked with the Fallon agency in Minneapolis to devise a concept different from the plethora of panoramas depicting the Vegas strip – to the sexier activities likely happening inside the hotel. Yikes!

The campaign in began in late 2010. Several spots have been aired. None has registered with me until the other day. I saw the spot and found bizarre and repugnant.

Turns out that was Fallon’s goal and they won an award for the campaign. Shows you what I know.

Fallon crafted a position for the Cosmopolitan around “Stories Worth Telling”. The Las Vegas experience had been reduced to parody, proscribed paths, and secrets (What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas). To the contrary, and according to Fallon The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is focused on providing value, encouraging discovery, and delivering a generous experience so that every guest leaves with a story worth telling.

The campaign doesn’t resonate with me because I’m not a part of the “Curious Class”. The Curious Class consists of people who like to chase new experiences, to keep their lives interesting and unpredictable. Always on the lookout for what’s next, the Curious Class is open-minded; they embody the true definition of the word cosmopolitan—to be at home in all parts of the world.

Yup. That’s not me. In fact I’m not alone. Fallon determined the Curious Class represents slightly more than a third of visitors to Vegas. Undeterred Fallon went after the Curious Class with the “Right Amount” campaign. It’s worked for the agency and the hotel.

Best of all it works for me…now I know to not book a room at the Cosmopolitan. I don’t have the least bit of curiosity about the sexier activities like what’s going on inside the hotel. Thank you, Fallon.


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  1. Juetta permalink
    01/22/2013 11:06 am

    You’ve got to be kidding me!!! They should be ashamed of themselves.


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