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Homegrown Selling Idea – Goes Big Time


Blendtec builds “Powerful, Professional Quality Blenders for Home Use”. Yawn.

Tom Dickson of Blendtec

Until Tom Dickson got the “viral media bug”. A prolific inventor and CEO of Blendtec, Tom’s extremely successful viral video advertising campaign has earned him a diverse collection of awards. He’s been a guest on Jay Leno and The Today Show, as well as “I Want That,” and Modern Marvels on The History Channel.

Tom Dickson is best known for demonstrating his Blendtec Total Blenders by turning unlikely things like iPhones into iDust. His popularity exploded on YouTube making him an Internet rock star with a cult following.

For iPhone dependents watching this video is horrifying, captivating and goofy. The music, production quality and Mr. Dickson’s delivery are perfectly in synch.

Dickson grew up putting oversized motors on tools to create high performance. That’s why his blenders can obliterate virtually everything he tries in the “Will It Blend” series.

This guy is smart. He’s sold his blenders to Starbucks, Baskin-Robbins, Subway and others. When Jamba Juice told Dickson the $14,000 blender package was too expensive, he cut them a deal, asking simply for a nickel of every sale. Now, with 50 million smoothies sold each year, Dickson says it was one of the best deals he ever made.

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