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Plumbers Butt – Redux


My May 6th post “Plumbers Butt. They’ve Got It Covered” I wrote about the distinctive, effective marketing campaign used in three test markets by Duluth Trading Co. in tiny Belleville, WI. Belleville is a short drive south of Madison with a growing population is somewhere north of 2,200 folks.

I wrote that a former colleague from Lands’ End, Al Shackelford, “did all the writing”. Turns out I was wrong. Al’s response is below. I’ve always respected Al for his talent and humility – both in equal measures.

Al said, “Just to correct something: there are four terrific writers at Duluth Trading – Steve Moore, Andrea Stephenson, Melissa Irvin-Simmerman and myself – and we all pitch in on the copy, which is a hoot to write. Lots of talented designers, merchants and other folks too.”

Turns out Duluth Trading Co. has other writers as well. The section on their website, “Duluth Women: Customers in Action” is chock-full of great stories written by interesting women who are thrilled with their products from Duluth Trading Company.

Last July the Business Pundit ran a story about the “16 Catalogs Still Worth Ordering In The Internet Age” Duluth Trading Co. was one of ’em.

Even though Steve, Andrea, Melissa and Al, along with the rest of the team create a terrific book – the testimonials, comments and great perspectives written by real customers is some of the best reading a merchant will ever enjoy!

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