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Woolrich IS Made In The USA


WOOLRICH WOOLEN MILL STAMPBusiness is tough in 2013. The shaky economy, static unemployment rate and looming health care regulations/tax has consumers and businesses alike wary about the future.

Companies are coping with uncertainty by holding off, cutting back or simply not rocking the boat.

Few, if any companies, are making bold moves to strengthen their business. There are exceptions though and the venerable Woolrich is indeed making a bold move.

Woolrich has expanded its commitment around supporting U.S. manufacturing. Among the apparel manufacturer’s goals will be to increase the yardage of wool produced in its woolen mill by 50 percent in 2013 and ensuring that more than half of Woolrich woolen garments proudly include American made wool by 2015.

In an open letter Woolrich CEO Nick Brayton says:

“It’s a popular thing to be manufacturing in the United States right now.  Companies of all sizes are listening to their consumers and their hearts, and finding a way to build it here again.

In today’s world, the hard reality is that making things here is hard to do. But like our customers who embrace adventure every day, Woolrich is preparing to tackle a new challenge. bringing manufacturing back to Pennsylvania, one step at a time.

Toward this end, Woolrich is setting three significant domestic manufacturing goals: for our mill, for our customers, and for our brand.

1. To increase the yardage of wool produced in our woolen mill by 50% in 2013.
2. To introduce a 100% American made apparel collection in Fall 2013.
3. To increase our American-made product offerings by 2015, ensuring that more than 50% of Woolrich woolen garments proudly include American made wool.”

Brayton is correct. The reality is manufacturing in the US is difficult. The cost of producing something – nearly anything is 2 to 20 higher in the US than other countries. That in itself makes Woolrich’s ambitious undertaking daunting.

One of the greatest challenges Woolrich will face is the consumer. Americans are fickle about this made in USA thing. They love the concept but often vote with their wallet and choose lower cost products made abroad.

To be successful Brayton and Woolrich will need to support their US made initiative with incredibly strong marketing. Communicating the glories of made in the USA alone will not cut it. The message needs to run deeper, stronger with a heavy dose of benefits stemming from the quality of the products. And, it goes without saying, Woolrich must deliver on every one of those promises. No small task.

As a long-time friend of the Woolrich brand I wish them well. I can’t wait to see their Fall 2013 line!

Thanks to JM in NYC for passing this letter along to us.

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  1. Joe Mangan permalink
    01/25/2013 3:53 pm

    Good stuff. They should only have someone with your talents helping with the mission!

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