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Qwick Stand Is Simply Brilliant


IMG_1295If you play outdoors, like I do, its likely you’ve changed shoes or boots in dirt, mud, water, sand or snow.

And while the elements are why you’re outdoors you really don’t want them in your boots or car.

For years I’ve kept a simple door mat in the back of my SUV to stand on while getting into waders and boots, change out of hiking boots or put on ski boots in the parking lot. The mat worked pretty well but it brought dirt into the vehicle and was virtually impossible to clean.

Yesterday I threw that old door mat in the trash.

Now I have a Qwick Stand.

Qwick Stand is a brilliant invention. Perhaps in its utter simplicity. Qwick Stand is a tough-as-all get-out water-resistant closed cell foam mat. What’s truly unique about it is that’s if foldable – so if you want to keep the top clean fold it up and it stays clean. Or if you’d prefer Mother Nature’s crud stay out of your vehicle…fold it the other way before stowing it away.

I bought the Qwick Stand off their website. Since then I’ve used it as a foot cleaning platform after fording a snow-melt full stream near Crested Butte and getting in and out of waders at one of my secret holes.

The Qwick Stand comes with a carabiner (not for climbing) that can be fed through the mats grommets in the four corners, which makes for easy carrying or drying.

So if you love Mother Nature, just not the mud and slush and dirt and sand that comes with her – I’d encourage you to look into Qwick Stand.

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