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Social Media Is Not For Selling


041012_socialmonkey_lgFor the past several years I’ve tolerated social media as a marketing tool. Social media is for being social – not for being sold.

I’ve told numerous clients they should probably be in social media, but unlike other marketing there is not measurable return on investment to evaluate its worth.

Turns out I’m right… #IToldYouSo

In a report released by Gallup last week showed that people say they use social media to be … social … with friends and family and don’t believe that messages from brands and businesses are affecting their buying habits.

A solid 62% of the 18,000 survey respondents claimed that social media had no influence at all on their purchasing decisions. A meager 5% said social media exerted “a great deal of influence.”

Even when considering brands that consumers “like” or follow on social networks, the reported correlation still remains relatively weak, with 34% saying that social media had no influence and 53% saying it had some influence.

According to Gallup, 94% of respondents said they are on social media to connect with friends and family, while 29% follow trends and find product reviews and information, and 20% to comment on what’s hot or new or to review products.

What’s a marketer to do?

Be Real – Engage your audience by having a personality that’s consistent with your brand position

Be Clear – Know yourself (your brand) inside and out, so consumers can know you/your brand in the same way

Don’t Be A Homer – Share content created by others…avoid using 100% of your own content

Focus On Other Channels – Marketing, especially online, continues to evolve – stay ahead of the pack

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