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The Ultimate Last Minute Father’s Day Gift


0d1edd666382c54f851619f9e4b40a49Father’s Day is right around the corner. But most Dad’s don’t expect much in terms of gifts…in fact many Dad’s are lucky to get a card. 61% of consumers will get Dad a card compared to 84% who bought cards for Mom on Mother’s Day.

The National Retail Federation is expecting that total spending for Father’s Day will be $12.5 billion this year, compared with an estimated $19.9 billion for Mother’s Day last month.

Do we spend less on Dad because we like him less? Not really. Dad’s are more difficult to buy gifts for. Nothing says cook me dinner like a new grill. And now that few men wear neckties – even that go-to option has fallen off. Instead gift cards have become the preferred gift for Dad.

If the Father’s Day gift quandary has you stumped – here’s a simple but profound gift for Dad. And it’s free!

Commit to stop texting while driving. Consider this…5 seconds is the minimal amount of time your attention is taken away from the road when texting and driving. If you’re traveling at 55 miles per hour this equals 100 yards, or the length of a football field, without looking at the road.

German car maker Volkswagen tested a brutally simple public service announcement in a Hong Kong theater. It’s interesting to watch – and has had over 4 million views on YouTube.

The scene opens with the theater packed, patrons presumably settled in to enjoy the previews ahead of their movie. A car starts and heads out down the road. Then everyone in the audience gets a text message. While they’re looking down at their phones, the car that had been routinely motoring along suddenly veers off the road into a tree. A few seconds of inattention – that’s all it takes to cause a deadly accident.

As a Dad I simply want the members of my family to be healthy, happy and safe. Telling me there’s no texting while driving in my family’s fleet is the ultimate Father’s Day gift.

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