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Mobile Advertising Is A Wrap



Today’s consumers are what I call ‘multi-screeners’. We view the world through the screens of our TV’s, computers, tablets and phones. In spite of the massive amount of time we spend staring into all these screens – marketers are still trying to figure out how to advertise online and on our phones. It’s safe to say they’ve not cracked the code.

Of all channels television remains the most favored means of communicating with consumers with nearly 58% of advertising dollars spent on TV. This is interesting because the definition of live TV is changing. More often than not ‘live’ TV has been recorded on a DVR and viewed at a more convenient time. This usually is accompanied by zooming past commercials in order to reduce viewing time. It’s possible TV’s reign as top advertising channel will erode rapidly over the next five years.

I’m bullish on one of the smallest and perhaps most under used non-screen mediums is outdoor mobile. By that I mean vehicles. Cars and trucks are always on the move and can be seen by thousands every day. Using vehicles to advertise your brand or product is smart. Even if your brand does not have its own fleet of vehicles.

Vehicle wraps are essentially temporary tattoo’s for cars and trucks. Outdoor mobile is a great way to stand out 24/7. Take the FedEx truck above. No words. Just an image – that speaks volumes!

I will make two predictions about vehicle wrapping:

– It’s about to explode – now about a $200 million plus business will triple in five years

– It’s about to become a fashion statement for drivers…not advertising, but patterns, ‘textures’ and graphical effects that are next to impossible to obtain with paint.

If you want to make an impression for your brand or yourself – wrap it.

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