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My Personal Metrics


Metrics are a gauge of the actual versus the planned.

While traditionally many metrics are finance based, inwardly focusing on the performance of the organization, metrics may also focus on the performance against customer requirements and value (time, satisfaction, etc.).

Some businesses find that having the data supporting metrics is no guarantee of anything. Just because you have all the data in the world does not mean you can find diamonds in it.

I’m a proponent of metrics. But I’ve found it’s too easy to obsess on metrics, with blinders to the rest of the world around the data driving those metrics. Being too focused on data is a risk. If Steve Jobs acted on data alone, he would have never built an iPhone.

As the Harvard Business Review notes, “Human behavior (that’d be your customers) is nuanced and complex, and no matter how robust it is, data can provide only part of the story. Desire and motivation are influenced by psychological, social, and cultural factors that require context and conversation in order to decode. Data…reveals what people do, but not why they do it.”

The flood of data and ability to slice and dice numbers into metrics is endless. As a result I’ve distilled everything into the 3 metrics that matter to me. As long as I measure ‘good’ against my metrics – I’m good. Everything else falls into place when I know where I stand on these three data points alone. Try it.

Image Via Tapiture/Tumblr

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