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Pinup Girls Revolutionizing Milk?


Fairlife-milk-ad2-300Pin up girls dressed only in milk. Seems like the theme of your average Wisconsin guy’s wet dream.

In a racy series of ads featuring women in pin-up poses dressed only in milk, Chicago-based fairlife launched, in Minneapolis/St. Paul in mid-February, a “high-nutrition milk that will raise consumer interest for better tasting, more nutritious milk products”. Denver was the second market – then they’re going big time. Notice they avoided the dairy capital of the world – Wisconsin.

“Consumers are looking for better quality, great tasting nutrition that comes from the highest quality milk,” said Steve Jones, chief executive officer of fairlife…OK, that’s cool. “With fairlife, we’re bringing them a delicious and more nutritious milk than anything in the market with a breakthrough campaign that shows how sexy vitality can be. And since fairlife milk comes from family-owned farms committed to quality, sustainability and animal comfort, consumers can feel good about the source too. We call it our from grass to glass promise.” Wait. What?

Unlike anything the milk industry has ever seen, fairlife milk flows through soft filters to concentrate desired nutrients like protein and calcium, while separating out the fats and sugars from the milk. The brainchild of veterinarian turned dairy farmer Mike McCloskey, this now patented cold filtration delivers more of milk’s best nutrients to people seeking great tasting natural nutrition in every delicious glass of fairlife purely nutritious milk. I thought Coors was cold-filtered, not the stuff I pour on cereal in the morning (no I’ve not poured Coors on my cereal…only vodka).

All right this is weird on several levels.

First, why do we have to tinker with milk? I believe the story of Noah and the ark i n the book of Genesis allowed cows onboard…so what’s wrong with milk now? NOTHING! Eat your vegetables and fruit or take a multi-vitamin for G+#d’s sake!

And then there are the girls. Pin-ups from the ’50’s and those adorning aircraft in WWII were artistic and fetching. These, on the other hand, are downright weird.

The consumer will be the ultimate judge, which is what I love about capitalism, but these chicks won’t make the cows come into the barn!



Launching in the Twin Cities in mid-February, fairlife purely nutritious milk has 50% more natural protein and calcium and 1/2 the sugars of ordinary milk, made with real milk and no protein powder.


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