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Absolut Texas Absolutely Smart


Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 8.35.53 PMLast month, Absolut released Absolut Texas, a vodka “designed as a celebration of all the best that contemporary Texas has to offer,” according to a press release statement by the company’s brand director, Adfhel Aziz.

Absolut Texas is the eighth limited edition, place-inspired flavor the distiller has made behind New Orleans (2007), Los Angeles (2008), Boston (2009), Brooklyn (2010), San Francisco (2011), Miami (2012) and Chicago (2013).

The bottle features a design by San Antonio artist Cruz Ortiz: a “cosmic caballero” cowboy boot and the image of Absolut founder Lars Olsson Smith wearing a cowboy hat. Yikes!

So what’s the super-unique and ingenious Texas flavor? Cucumber and Serrano Chili.

The serrano chili makes sense but what’s so Texan about cucumber? Have you ever bought the big styrofoam cups filled with cucumbers and chili powder at paleta shops in Corpus Christi growing up?

I did. In the 1960’s when standing on the beaches of Padre Island in your boxer shorts was the equivalent of surf wear. And coming from Minnesota that was pretty cool! The cucumber and chili powder combo is likely more of a South Texas thing than a Texas thing. That’s all right. As you may have heard – Texas is big…and full of contrasts. Texas covers 261,914 square miles of land and 5,363 square miles of water. The longest straight-line distance, north to south, is 801 miles from the northwest corner of the Panhandle to the southern tip of Texas below Brownsville. Half the U.S. has no concept as to what Texas is really about.

At the end of this the makers of Absolut are sound business types and brilliant marketers.

Consider this – you produce a product that is better if it has no taste. Next, you produce a product that has a maturation gauged in minutes – not decades like Scotch or wine. Why am I not in the vodka business?absolut2

Next you turn your packaging into a symbol that connects with consumers. A Google search for ‘Absolut Ads’ returns 1.7 million responses and a trip down memory lane. Celebs, pop culture, countries, cities, sports – all have been referenced in Absolut print ads.

In Colorado we’ve seen an influx of Texan’s with big money, a drawl and high expectations. Now I expect the same of their namesake vodka.

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