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Global Warming Makes Me Hot

Trail Ridge Road Rocky Mtn Natl Park

Trail Ridge Road Rocky Mtn Natl Park 2014

What a winter! Polar Vortex with crippling cold across the Midwest, 335″ of snow in Breckenridge, CO and the nasty combo of snow + ice causing weekly school closures in the mid-Atlantic states. For those who don’t ski or snowboard spring can’t come soon enough.

Most would agree we’ve had a whopper of a winter.

But wait – the ‘journalists’ at CBS continue the global warming mantra. Last Thursday CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose warned viewers that climate change could lead to the end of snow and skiing. Rose informed viewers that “the author of a controversial book believes winter sports could be doomed.”

Rose began the segment by connecting the just-completed Sochi winter Olympics. The host insisted that they “suffered some of the most extreme weather of any winter games.” Rose specifically pointed out this included “temperatures in the 60s.”

Yet, as the Media Research Center’s Sean Long noted, this shouldn’t be that shocking. In a previous report, “CBS’s Mark Phillips described Sochi as ‘a subtropical corner of Russia where it never snows down on the coast and where the mountain snow base can vary dramatically from year to year.'”

Undaunted by the facts – Porter Fox the author of “Deep: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow,” said, “I think there’s a long history of doubting science when it goes against the grain of what you want to happen.”

Hmmm. I think snow sports industry statistics support anything but a doomed industry. Revenue numbers for the current 2013/2014 season won’t be released until next summer but the chart below supports a strong industry rebounding after a disastrous 2009/2010.


Yes there’s a drought in California. Most of this is weather – not climate. I’m no expert or a scientist. But I find it difficult to buy into global warming. I suspect the earth’s climate is always changing. Fox asserts, “Glaciers in Europe, Alpine glaciers, they’ve lost half of their volume in the last 150 years. It’s disappearing very quickly.” The glaciers may be shrinking. But 150 years is a nano second in geologic time.

Fox’s connection between glaciers and the ski industry could be argued to be contrived. Perhaps Fox is unaware that most ski resorts are capable of making their own snow. Water and compressed air are forced, under high pressure, through tiny holes in a nozzle to spray ‘snow’ (it’s really more like ice pellets) on the runs. But this takes water – lots of water. Covering an acre requires 160,000 gallons of water.

If Fox wanted to address a real issue facing the planet – it’s water. Specifically the lack of it in total and the lack of access to clean water. Those two subjects are both factual and life-threatening. As my friends at CamelBak say in their tag line – ‘Hydrate or Die’. It’s true.

I’ll make one last point. If human activity is the cause of climate change why are we not cracking down on the Chinese and other big polluters? China is suffering unbearable smog. Last time I checked China is on the same planet we are. Yet we are being told to use slow to light lightbulbs and drive little funny looking cars that come with a cord.

If you want to see some eye-popping pollution data check out AQICN website for real-time air quality ratings around the globe. Compare the USA to China.

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