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THE Ultra-Dumb Ad of Winter 2014


lance-armstrong-michelob‘Long Live The Ultra Life’. That’s the ad headline for Michelob Ultra.

The beer, with 2.8 grams of carbs and 95 calories, has long targeted carb conscious ‘athletes’.

Back in 2010 and 2011 Lance Armstrong was the poster child for Michelob Ultra. When it was discovered Armstrong was washing down all kinds of pills with Ultra, Anheuser-Busch high-tailed it out of Lance’s camp.

So now A-B uses an action sports backdrop to sell Ultra. In the ad below two skiers are hiking up in above timberline backcountry. Below that image the same group of skiers is seen enjoying an Ultra in the dead of winter above 11,000 feet.

The premise of popping open a bottle of beer in these circumstances is so unrealistic I could not resist commenting.

Here’s why. Getting to that altitude in the back country – even if aided by sno-cat or snowmobile – takes some doing. Can you imagine how shaken up those beers would be? Cracking open one of those bottles would likely lead to a brewski shower. Also it’s cold up there – that’s why there’s several hundred inches of snow above tree line. After a couple of hours the contents of those beer bottles would become fermented slushies. Then there’s the bottle. Who would carry a glass bottle (or two) in their pack? The weight plus the potential for breakage and soaking everything else inside the pack preclude glass containers making much sense in the back country. Finally there’s the getting off the mountain. Do you really want to negotiate 8,000 vertical feet, trees and avalanche potential with a couple of beers under the belt? Didn’t think so.

Most likely this ad was thought up by some flat-lander in New York  City who has never been further than 20-minutes away from a Starbucks.

You be the judge – but I nominate this ad for the Ultra-Dumb Ad of Winter 2014.


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