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G.I. Joe Turns 50


GIJoe_OriginalLineupTuck this into your worthless knowledge folder.

This week in 1964 G.I. Joe was introduced to the world. The action figure G.I. Joe was created by the Hasbro toy company, in part as a response to the popularity of Barbie dolls with American girls.

Joe was a World War II-style fighting man, nearly 12 inches tall, and his movable joints (21 articulated joints in all) — right down to the wrists — made him a fast hit with young boys. Joe featured a scar on his face to distinguish him from a doll.

The original G.I. Joe dolls came in several service varieties (a soldier, a sailor, etc.) and emphasized military gear and the soldier’s life. Gotta love the iPad sized dog tags, eh? But over time Joe became a more general adventurer, explorer, and gadget-happy master of daring adventures.

The line died out in the 1970’s along with the waning popularity of the Viet Nam war.

G.I. Joe returned in the early 1980’s supported by a TV cartoon.

Hasbro the Pawtucket, R.I.-based company, which owns the G.I. Joe brand has proven to be effective at capturing kids’ attention with compelling toys has enjoyed steady earnings and dividend growth for years. Hasbro, which also owns the long-lasting brands Nerf and Transformers, has grown profit each of the past four years.

So G.I. Joe has been good to young boys seeking make-believe adventure and to the Hasbro company as well.

Happy 50th Joe! You’re the man!


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