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NFL Head Injuries More Than A Headache


nfl-concussionThe National Football League is at a crossroads.

America’s most popular and profitable professional sport needs to change in response to the increased attention on concussions and head injuries. But how?

As the season grinds towards the Super Bowl the wear and tear of the season on players is evident. Games are routinely halted to attend to a player laying stunned on the field. These injury time outs are bad on several levels – not the least of which is the perception by the viewing audience that football has become even more violent than ever before.

Discussions about the athlete’s size/strength abound. Technique modifications paired with penalties are in place. But the head injuries continue.

The situation has become critical. For the effected players – it’s obvious. For the league – it has to be disconcerting.

But public relations experts see little danger to the reputation of the country’s most popular sport — flush with billions from new television contracts, unstoppable in the ratings, the talk of talk radio, its teams worth more every year.

The NFL has built an incredibly durable brand. Unfortunately the players aren’t so durable.

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