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Carhartt Has Enthusiasts Not Customers


994079_10151835522161339_1277965393_nCarhartt doesn’t have many customers. Instead Carhartt has enthusiasts, advocates and ambassadors.

This week as the Polar Vortex made its presence known in much of the U.S. – wearers of Carhartt’s workwear appeared to relish the opportunity to stave off the cold in their Carhartt products.

Take a look at the Carhartt Facebook page. First you’ll notice Carhartt has 2.5 million ‘Likes’ and 12,000 people talking about the brand. Impressive.

Run down the page and you’ll see ads produced by Carhartt but you’ll also see plenty of fan photos like the one at left.

Carhartt is a global brand of work wear apparel. Founded in 1889 in Dearborn, MI the company remains family owned.

For years Carhartt products were rarely seen off the work site. But then something happened in the 1990’s. Workwear, and specifically Carhartt workwear, became cool. Snowboarders, skateboarders and other groups pushing the limits of fashion began appearing in Carhartt jackets, shorts and caps.

Since then Carhartt has responded by expanding into a full range of products for year round wear, women’s, kid’s and even infant/toddler. Carhartt is smart. They have a line of products 100% Made in the U.S.A. They also have a ‘Father Son’ line where dad and junior can wear the same products.

It’s easy to envious of Carhartt’s legions of followers and enthusiasts. Remember the brand was around for 100 years before social media was even a term. During that time Carhartt did many things right. They were consistent, focused on quality and never got greedy with prices.

As new brands look to rival Carhartt’s consumer base it is important to realize that brand building is akin to reputation building. It is the result of consistency of behavior. Be like Carhartt. Know what your brand stands for and who buys your brand…and you’ll be on your way.

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