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Christmas Is Bigger Than Anti-Christmas Sentiment


antiChristmasTreeChristmas takes it on the chin – again.

Between the atheists’ sign in Times Square, a public school in Frisco, TX that has banned Christmas trees and the colors red and green from their ‘winter party’ and other hits on Christmas it seems some people just can’t reconcile that Christmas has bigger, deeper meaning to the majority in this country – even if most are silent about it.

Christmas has traditionally been bigger than a day celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas has a role in Christian religion, but also in our economy and our culture.

While not technically a brand – Christmas shares many attributes of a brand. At the risk of offending someone let’s hold Christmas up against the principles of creating a brand:

Brands are important vehicles for creating growth – Growth as seen in market share, revenues, profits and employee retention. Can you say Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Brands are timeless – Products and services will come and go, but brands can live forever.

Brands are about meaningful and valued relationships with customers – They convey strong images and expectations. Eternal salvation through the birth of the son of God qualifies.

Brands are experienced by customers through many different encounters – Each represent an opportunity to influence and shape the overall brand image. Hmmm. I think that’s spot on.

Brands are everybody’s business – They can be the glue that ties the organization (or culture) together toward a common identity and purpose. Becoming a mainstay of society qualifies…doesn’t it?

Brands are more than a name, a logo or an advertising campaign – The logo is an extension of the brand not the other way around. It’s not the Christmas tree, stupid.

Brands are difficult to duplicate – Products and services can be copied and improved—they often provide little sustainable competitive advantage. Somehow Holiday Eve and Winter Party don’t have the same recognition as CHRISTMAS!

Brands have a personality and a style and are best expressed through emotional attributes – Emotion is the key motivator in brand recognition. Christmas is about JOY – who couldn’t use a little more of that?

The strongest brands find the appropriate balance between functional and emotional attributes – A brand has features and benefits. A good brand highlights both.

Brands rarely succeed when they try to be everything to everyone – Knowing who you are and consistently proclaiming it is essential. ‘Nuff said.

So while Christmas is not a brand – it seemingly shares virtually every attribute of a good brand. And so, it ain’t going away. If you don’t like it that’s fine…but don’t spread your ‘Grinchness’ my way.


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