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Cyber Monday Becoming Mobile Monday


Mobile-Commerce-Cyber-Monday-2013With Black Friday blurring into Thursday and even Wednesday, Cyber Monday is easily the biggest shopping day of the year.

Retailers like Walmart have shot themselves in the foot by extending Black Friday nearer to October than in previous years. This strategy has pushed demand earlier in the week but has not increased overall sales significantly.

Another shift is occurring in the holiday shopping habits of American consumers. I’m officially here to say that Cyber Monday is morphing into Mobile Monday.

Mobile sales increased by more than 55% on Cyber Monday when overall online sales broke new records, according to an IBM report.

Mobile made up about 17% of online sales this Cyber Monday. Mobile traffic also improved by 45% over last year. Tablets drove the double the number of sales as smartphones, while users deployed their phones more often while browsing.

Total online sales for the annual Monday after Thanksgiving online sale extravaganza jumped by nearly 21% over 2012 making it the biggest Cyber Monday yet.

Sales for Monday totaled $2.29 billion, according to Adobe, which analyzed the holiday weekend shopping trends. Total online sales from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday reached $7.4 billion. Adobe also credited mobile devices with driving that double-digit leap in total sales and said sales from mobile devices improved a whopping 80% on Cyber Monday.

Mobile Monday enjoys several advantages over Black Friday that resonate with many consumers. No getting up a zero dark-thirty to stand in line in a cold parking lot, no standing in line to check out, no risk of death or injury, and perhaps best of all – why not shop at work rather than messing up your weekend looking for parking spots at the mall or big box store?

It is premature to say that Black Friday is dead…but it is likely in decline. And that’s just fine by me.

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