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Thanksgiving – If You Don’t Like It – Don’t Shop


black-friday-linesIt is interesting to watch the dynamics of retailers pushing into Thanksgiving day to a divided consumer audience. Certainly there are those who relish the thought of super deals and getting out of the house on Thanksgiving. But the majority would prefer to spend the day with family, friends, food and football.

As big retailers and big boxes are planning to open their doors on Thanksgiving day this year, a growing number of shoppers are saying this has gone too far. And they want their holiday back.

A new survey finds that 33 million people plan to shop on Thanksgiving evening, a quarter of all shoppers that weekend. So retailers say its due to shopper demand. And if the shoppers line up, they will do it again next year.

This is really pretty simple stuff. If you don’t like Gray Thursday, don’t shop. No one is holding a gun to your head to stand in line in a cold parking lot. With the exception of a few laptops and big screen TVs, you should be able to find most of those Thursday night deals at a later date… or better still online.

Keep Thanksgiving a day to give thanks rather than giving in to compulsive shopping.

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