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This Guru’s Videos Create The Brand


Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 4.28.18 PMEveryone knows that New York, Seattle, the Bay Area and LA are the epicenters of creative genius in the US today. Right? Well there’s a family owned grocery store, Gordy’s Country Market, in central Wisconsin that begs to differ.

Matt Selvig, the Gordy’s Guru has been making TV commercials and creating an image for Gordy’s County Market over the last 4 years. Through creative and very funny TV and radio commercials, Selvig has established himself and Gordy’s as the “fun, family friendly grocery store in the Chippewa Valley”.

We first wrote about the Guru prior to the Super Bowl in January 2012. We contrasted the big-spending advertising associated with the Super Bowl to marketing that was much lower cost but no less effective. Super Bowl Drives Consumers to Buy Groceries. 

We caught up with the Guru recently (and we didn’t even have to summit a mountain to reach him) and asked how this all got started. It seems the Guru saw the viral video “What Does the Fox Say?” and immediately thought, ”I should do a spoof TV commercial on this video entitled ‘What Does the Guru Say?’”. After consulting with many kids (which clearly the Guru relates well to), along with young parents and more…the idea was put into motion and the commercial was put together with several phrases that are heard frequently in western Wisconsin from the Gordy’s Guru. “The response to the video overwhelming.” says the Guru.

The Guru’s stuff works. Said one customer, “Your advertising has worked impeccably well. I’m up at 3 AM with a newborn, and I can’t get that D**N song out of my head. All I can hear is “Save Save Save, Deal Deal Deal, Pump perks, Pump Perks Pump Perks. Thank you”.

Clearly Gordy’s relies on the Guru’s creativity rather than high cost production. One recent ad runs a quick spoof of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ graveyard dance scene. The spots are posted on the company’s site, Facebook and their YouTube channel getting good mileage out of every one. Another spot has had nearly 2,000 views. Not viral but not bad for a grocery store in fly over country.

Corny? Yes. Clever? Yes. Memorable? Yes. And isn’t that what advertising is about?

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