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Gray Thursday – Coming To A Retailer Near You


101125_open_thanksgivingMove over Black Friday – here comes Gray Thursday.

Retailers eager to get the most of this year’s holiday spending bonanza have scrapped their traditional Thanksgiving break and are opening their doors Thursday.

Black Friday is considered by most the starting point of the Holiday season, however over the last few years retailers have been offering those discounts earlier and earlier to entice consumers. As recently as only 8 years ago there were only 2 major discounting days, Black Friday and the day after Christmas. Now we have Black Friday, Super Saturday, Cyber Monday and Free Shipping Day.

The National Retail Federation estimates that holiday sales will increase 3.9% to $602.1 billion this year and reports that nearly 20% of the retail industry’s annual sales come directly from the months of November and December. With only 25 days between Black Friday and Christmas this year (compared to 31 days and 5 weekends last year), retailers will have to plan to take full advantage of the 4 weekends in-between in order to maximize those opportunities.

But not all people appreciate consumerism nudging its way into one of the few traditional family days – Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately these folks are swimming upstream against the current of popular culture. With less than half of American households containing a married couple, there are a lot of bored, detached individuals  seeking diversion. Toss in the president’s proclamation that we are not a Christian nation – there’s really no reason to observe the concept of ‘thanksgiving’ as the Pilgrims first did.

At Thought-Tech we support consumerism. At the same time we are traditionalists – we’ll be keeping Thanksgiving ‘Thankful Thursday’. You can be assured we won’t be missing desert or football to be careening down the aisles at Target or Best Buy on Thanksgiving.

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