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Trends In Marketing By Gender



Venus and Mars. Adam and Eve. Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore. Men and women have always been different and always will be.

At least that’s how most marketers and brands have traditionally approached pitching to the genders.

For digital marketers, understanding the differences between how men and women shop, browse, and engage online is a no brainer. And although the gender lines are blurring, there are still plenty of signs that our chromosomes can provide valuable targeting information from mobile shopping to social networking. Here’s a list of new digital stats that are breaking stereotypes as well as a few that prove some things will never change.

Both men and women value internet access more than sex – A 2012 study by revealed that caffeine, watching TV/movies, gaming, gadgets/tools, alcohol, sporting events, and, yes, sex were all less of a priority than internet access.

63% of adult mobile owners use their phones to go online – This figure has doubled since mobile tracking first started in 2009, and it continues to rise.

More women make online purchases when products are on sale – 57% of men, versus 71% of women, purchased an item because it was on sale.

Women spend 30% more time on social media sites than men – And that’s not just time spent. It includes posting, clicking, and overall engagement with content online.

Of the 56% of Facebook users that check in at least daily, 7% say they check messages during an intimate moment – Ugh!

The conclusion? Marketing today is fundamentally no different than before social media, mobile and eCommerce. Stick to the fundamentals. Know who you are selling to. Differentiate your product/service. Create a connection, ideally emotional, between your target audience and your brand. Deliver on your promise.

Oh, and last but not least. Stick to what works. Marketing and selling is like fly fishing. If a Wolly Bugger (a black fishing fly) catches the trout…don’t change flies because you are bored with it. Stick with it.



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