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Sportsmen Pump Big Bucks Into Economy


b5764afc-5c2c-43f2-85e8-7c79af9c513cAs fall kicks in around the country hunters ramping up for their big season. Before you city folks look down your noses at hunters be aware these folks are pumping big time dollars into the American economy.

Some of numbers will surprise you, so let’s share a few:

  • Sportsmen and women spent $90 billion in 2011, that’s more than the combined global sales of Apple’s iPhone and iPad the same year
  • Sportsmen spent $25 billion in special equipment (boats, trucks, RVs, ATVs, cabins, etc.) in 2011, which is as much as the revenues for the video game industry
  • Spending by hunters pays $5.4 billion in state and local taxes, a sum that could pay the wages of 113,000 firefighters, 37% of all professional firefighters in the country. If you add in federal taxes paid by hunters, the number doubles to $11.8 billion
  • Anglers paid $8.2 billion in federal taxes, which would pay the salaries for 410,000 Active Duty Privates in the U.S. Army
  • There are more than 32,000 retail/service boating businesses, employing over 200,000 people in 2010 – that’s more than eight times the 3,982 Walmart stores in the country and twice the number of employees Intel has

You get the point. American men and women spend a ton on their passion for the outdoors, recreation or sport. The trickle down effect of their dollars fuels the economy, supplements tax dollar spending and creates jobs.

To get a sense as to the vibrancy of this sector, stop in to a Cabela’s store sometime. The place is alive! Technology, innovation and great marketing collide in these stores. All aimed at consumers who are not afraid to spend to get the best and most innovative product available.

So next time you see someone pulling into the gas station to fill up their truck and boat with gas or you see an SUV loaded up to go hunting for the weekend…say thank you (even if it’s to yourself). These folks the bedrock of the American economy.

For a full report on these statistics go to:

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