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The Watch of Our Imaginations Is Here!


samsung-smartwatchCulturally Americans have an obsession with watches.

More than mere instruments for telling time watches have been status symbols, great gifts as well as the focus of our fantasies.

Unfortunately watches have taken a back seat due to smartphones. Who needs to wear a watch that requires to be put on/taken off, time zone changes made manually, keeping battery up to date and doesn’t play music, take pictures, record messages, etc.?

Samsung has launched the Samsung Gear – a ‘smartwatch’.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear commercials take you through a timeline of fictional watches from shows and movies like “The Jetsons”, “Star Trek”, and “Dick Tracy”. The kicker seems to be that after decades of dreaming about smart watches, Samsung has finally made one.

And that is exactly why this spot from Samsung works so well.  While the product may not be an overnight sensation…the commercial is a home run.

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