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Urban Explorers Are Really Posers


300x400Apparently there is a fashion look called the Urban Explorer or Urban Outdoorsman.

This look is achieved by wearing Woolrich or Filson jackets with a cutesy knit cap and cuffing your straight leg pants. We say POSER!

What self-respecting man believes his clothes make him outdoorsy or an explorer? C’mon man!

Not that we’re against wearing Woolrich or Filson. In fact our closets are full of great apparel bearing those labels. Some pieces are older than many of you reading this – and the stuff still keeps us warm, dry and protected.

But wearing our well-worn Woolrich ‘Hunt’ coat doesn’t make us outdoorsy. It’s what’s between the ears that makes a man outdoorsy. In fact most posers look pretty awkward in the hearty red/black buffalo check of the ‘Hunt’ coat.

OK. What makes a man an urban outdoorsman? We say – Experience. Skills learned. Stories to tell. Confidence. Strength.

Frankly our definition of an urban outdoorsman is more along the lines of the guy who rigs up a snare to rid his garden of a pesky rabbit or the guy who ties a Turk’s Head knot to hang a swing for one of his kids. We see urban outdoorsmen as those who use their outdoor skills to make their urban environment a better place to live.

No posers, please.


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