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Drunk Bicyclists Could Be The Next Menace To Society


ride-bikes-drink-beerWith all the emphasis on reducing automobile accidents caused by impaired, read not-sober, driving – there’s a trend of businesses combining bicycling and beer.

Take a look at these examples:

Flywheel Bicycle Solutions in southwestern Oregon’s Rogue Valley will soon become the area’s first bike shop to serve beer and wine. Owner Ian Bagshaw plans to put in six beer taps and pour mostly local brews during regular business hours.

Colorado brewer Oskar Blues, which also owns a small custom bike brand, Reeb (which is beer spelled backwards), is opening a combination restaurant and bike retail space here later this year. Taking it a step closer to a full bar the CyclHOPS Bike CAN-tina will offer tequila and Southwestern food combinations along with craft beer and custom bikes.

At Thought-Tech we love bicycling. It’s a phenomenal workout, gets you outdoors and can be an opportunity for camaraderie. We also like a occassional brewski. But simultaneously?

Seems a little risky to us. But on the updside you can’t lose your drivers licence for riding drunk.

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