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Weiner’s Rebranding Challenge


anthony-weiner-38344f87ad78a95b800d7845b07e0d3bfc4db8c9-s40-550x412No jokes or puns here…we promise.

Anthony Weiner vowed Sunday to stay in the New York City mayor’s race, as he confirmed his campaign manager quit and his top rival said he was not qualified to lead the nation’s most populous city. Other than that it was a normal day for the candidate.

Weiner’s only prayer is to apologize and immediately set out to rebrand himself.

His current brand persona is not only tattered, it is completely tarnished.

The best chance Weiner has is to paint an image of a man that’s helping others who are in need. His activities should keep him in front of the public to provide photo ops but also to keep him top of mind – in a positive way. Due to his activities online Weiner should stay away from kids and focus on the elderly.

If that means working soup kitchen’s, delivering Meals on Wheels, volunteering daily at senior centers in every borough in New York City – so be it.

Weiner’s got problems. That is apparent. Does that make him unfit to be mayor of New York City? Not only on the merit of having problems. But the obsessive nature of his sexual problems are hard to overlook.

New Yorker’s are a tough crowd to figure out. They might find Weiner’s transgressions are something to ‘fugitabout’.

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