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New Cars Will Be Giant Smartphones


jetsonsNow that the mobile appears to have permeated aspects of behavior, developers, manufacturers, and platform operators are trying to find devices that will channel the next wave of mobile usage and innovation.

Wearable tech, such as Internet-connected watches and eyewear, seems the natural progression of mobile technology.

Instead…it’s your car.

Cars, one of the great mobile devices to begin with, are about to get connected to the Internet like never before. It will change not just how we drive, but the economics of the car business.

To state the obvious: Cars are inherently mobile. Additionally, many of the activities people do in their cars — listen to music, look up directions — mesh nicely with popular activities on mobile. Americans spend an average of 1.2 hours a day traveling between locations and American commuters spend an average of 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. If mobile apps and Internet-based services can shoehorn their way into the in-car environment, that means a great opportunity to expand their ability to engage consumers, absorb their attention, and gather data.

Of course there are those who believe more functionality in cars will lead to more distracted drivers. That possibility exists. But if my car becomes a giant smartphone I may have to sell the house and just live in my car.

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