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The Brand Journalist Is Your Marketing Secret Weapon


old-school-reporterIn the omni-channel world consumers are exposed to an onslaught of branded communication. Brand communication is a fancy term for advertising.

Of course you find brand communication in all the usual places – print, search engines, on product, billboards, etc. Today branded communication has wormed its way into apps, QR code destinations, recorded voice messages – virtually anywhere there is potential to connect with consumers.

For marketers the challenge is clearly that a one-size fits all strategy is really not  a strategy. What works in print doesn’t translate into social media, for example. Instead it is both lazy and ineffective.

Savvy marketers are adding a brand journalist to their arsenal of connection tools.

As consumers engage more fully via social media a new trusted resource has emerged. Social media has uncovered a rich opportunity for brands: a brand journalist. The philosophy is simple: brand journalism is combining the tenets of journalism with brand storytelling, thereby creating a new kind of value to its customers.

This is important – storytelling is not just in the products or services you sell, but in the communication itself. It’s ideal for a social media environment because it shares a similar goal: to become a transparent, open and engaging way to have a conversation about a brand and tell its story to an interested audience.

Here’s a simple way to envision the value of a brand journalist. Think of a relationship you have with your auto service tech, the flower shop, the dry cleaner. Through interaction you’ve developed a level of communication that’s effective and efficient. And because its effective and efficient – you return to the same place of business…because you know they’ll take care of  YOU.

Brand journalists can do the same for your brand. By conversing and sharing common ground is created. Business follows.

Finding a good brand journalist is not easy, but I’d recommend it for your 2013 to do list.

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