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KOTA Longboards’ Good Deeds Are Good Branding

Veteran Skate Trek stops for another PR break

Veteran Skate Trek stops for another PR break

KOTA Longboards, a Thought-Tech client, launched the eCommerce component of their website this week. The site completely rocks, in our totally biased opinion.

Each KOTA Longboard is unique. Made in Colorado of hard rock maple harvested in Wisconsin and hand selected by KOTA the woods grain gives every board an individualized feel and personality. KOTA approached designing and building their longboards by focusing on what riders actually do on a longboard. The result is a ground-breaking design of concave and camber which amplifies the board’s energy into the ride.

And the board’s are stunningly beautiful.

As a veteran-owned business KOTA has strong military ties. In fact there’s a military connection in many of the brand’s graphics, product names, as well as throughout the website.

But here’s where KOTA is totally distinctive. Even though KOTA is a start-up (and every dollar counts), they’ve taken a very open stance to supporting veteran’s causes.

For example KOTA donated several longboards to Veteran Skate Trek, a 900-mile long boarding trek down the entire coast of California. VST says on their Facebook page, “Help us raise money for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and have a grand adventure in the process. By soliciting donations from individuals, local businesses, and corporations we hope to raise in excess of $25,000 for veterans and their families. IAVA, the first and largest NGO serving Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, has over 250,000 member veterans and offers a range of programs in the areas of health, education, employment, and community.

Along the route the two boarders have been interviewed several times daily by TV and radio stations. It’s a great cause and fantastic exposure for the KOTA Longboard brand.

The takeaway for your brand? Find something that relates to your brand or your product that you can get behind and support. You just might find that doing good for others is good for you too.

To donate to Veteran Skate Trek go to

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