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The Trucker’s Friend – Seriously Cool Fathers Day Gift



Father’s Day is tough for a lot of dad’s. No matter what you receive as a gift you have to make it seem like it’s the greatest thing ever, then wait a day to ask for the receipt so you can return your gift.

Here’s the typical scenario…

The wife and kid’s go to the mall, pick out a designer shirt (they couldn’t resist the turquoise color), then head over to Crate and Barrel where they grab a set of margarita glasses and a book of summer cocktail recipes.

Seems reasonable enough to them. And therein lies the conundrum.

Here’s a tip to dad’s across America. Take control of Father’s Day. It’s your day. Tell ’em what you want.

For example, tell them you want the Trucker’s Friend. Then watch the expression on their faces. Now it’s time to elaborate on what the Trucker’s Friend is. It’s a tool. No, it’s a bad-ass tool made in the USA by Innovation Factory. Launched over ten years ago, the Innovation Factory has been focused on giving its customers serious tools for serious jobs.

The Trucker’s is basically a 2.6-pound multitool for your SUV, hunting vehicle or ATV. It takes the place of so many heavy duty implements it’s difficult imagining not having one around. There’s a large hammer head on one side that lets you pound and remove tent stakes (or nails) with ease, or knock caked ice off your mud flaps, or hammer in a wedge to split a log. And you can carve that wedge with the semicircle-shaped axe head opposite the hammer, which serves as a hatchet that’s great for chopping kindling or stripping larger logs. And the long fiberglass handle (15 inches) lets you get some good momentum behind every swing. Other onboard tools include a tapered front so the tool can be used as a pry bar, a spanner for hose couplings, a tire chain hook, and a wire twist. Dad will find tons of uses for this handy tool.

And it’s $49.95…which is around $20 to $40 less than the designer dress shirt from the mall.

I doubt there’s a single return on the Trucker’s Friend. The color is right, the size is right, the feel is right.

Give this to dad and watch the eyes open wide and the smile spread across his face. Now we’re talking Father’s Day!

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