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Product Number 2 For Dollar Shave Club Stinks


UnknownThe beards at ThoughtTech are fans of the Dollar Shave Club. We’ve been subscribers to the monthly mailing of shaving blades since month one.

In addition to having a solid product at a fair price, the company catapulted itself into cult status with the video “Our Blades Are F***ing Great“. In the 15 months since we wrote, “Our Brand Is F***ing Strong” DSC’s video has been viewed over 10 million times. Impressive indeed.

The launch video gained DSC significant media attention and even VC funding. We’re not privy to DSC’s conversion rate but even a 1% conversion rate of 10,000,000 video viewers roughly translates into a $5 million dollar first year in sales. Not too shabby.

With all fast-start companies the question is – what’s next. In fact, that’s why Steve Jobs named is first venture after being booted out of Apple in 1985, Next.

Well DSC has launched what’s next, and frankly, we’re disappointed. The product is butt-wipes for men. Hmmm.

For a company that turned the razor business on its collective head, DSC’s choice to go after a man’s other end seems odd.

The premise on razors is compellingly simple:

  1. The product is needed/used daily
  2. Purchasing the product is a pain for men who run out of blades or have to make a trip to the store
  3. Eliminate thinking about razor blades by selling a good product using a subscription model sent direct to a guy’s mailbox

It’s safe to say these points don’t apply equally to flushable wipes.

Equally challenging for the launch of product number 2 is DSC’s followup video is a lame as any Hollywood sequel such as Hangover 2, relying on re-worked ideas, cameos and special effects to repackage the same ideas. It’s often a dud in Hollywood and it’s likely to be a dud for DSC as well. Decide for yourself below.

Replicating the simplicity of the subscription-based razor model is tough. There are minimal sku’s, shipping is cheap, product cost is low (prices range from $1 – $9 a month).

The beards at ThoughtTech will go on a limb here and predict that DSC’s product #2 will not work…er, in the end.

Thanks to alert reader Colin in MN for the tip on this  one!

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