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Time Is The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift


Gee-dad-thats-swellFather’s Day spending is projected to bring a smile to Dad’s, retailers and restaurants this year.

According to industry research firm IBISWorld, Father’s Day sales are expected to total $13 billion this year, a 2% increase from 2012. Traditional Father’s Day gifts, such as automotive accessories and clothing, will take a backseat to gift choices reflecting economic recovery, like home-improvement tools.

Outings, like dining out and attending sporting events, are expected to account for the largest share of Father’s Day spending this year, contributing 18.8% of total holiday sales, up 3.5% from 2012.


The traditional categories of handyman, outdoorsman, sports-junky, geek, artsy bore most men. Those categories may represent interests, but if Dad is really into any of those he probably doesn’t want the wife and kids picking out a new 12-gauge, 18 volt power tool or a new driver.

So what’s a loving family to do?

Give Dad permission for a day off or a weekend outing. He’s probably got all the toys he wants/needs but rarely has time to take advantage of his toy box.

The gift of a worry-free, no-strings-attached weekend away is the best gift for any Dad. And best of all it really costs nothing, does not require a trip to a home improvement store or golf retailer which is not where most Mom’s shop anyway.

Whatever you do for Dad…stay away from ties, socks and underwear. Those three items are perennially tied for worst Father’s Day Gifts. Just sayin’

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