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Take Care of Your Brand


first aidOf all things we are to take care of, including our personal health, fitness, finances, home/yard, family, job or business, who thinks about taking care of your brand?

Well…we do.

A company’s brand is often one of its most valuable assets. The top two most valuable brands globally today are Coca Cola and Apple. Both brands are worth billions.

While your company’s brand may not be worth billions like the Apple brand…it may be just as valuable proportionally.

Brand expert Heather Porter compiled a list of steps to be mindful of when taking care of your brand. We thought you’d find them worthwhile:

  1. Use the words and language your market uses
    Using the same vocabulary as your target market is key to building trust and rapport. Decide what the voice of your brand will be and stick with it over time.  Imagine selling to 25-year-old women for 5 years and then waking up tomorrow wanting to sell to the 50-year-old+ professional woman because you heard that was where the money was.  You will put both people off very fast and end up losing your market who got you to where you are today.
  2. Be yourself or you won’t be trusted
    What do you really stand for?  What makes you YOU?  Promoting yoga when you are a kickboxing fan makes you seem scattered and unsure.  We all like our leaders, business owners, sales people, mentors and even parents confident and sure about who they are and what they believe in.
  3. Promote, sell or develop products you believe in
    If you would not use the product yourself, and if you have not yet used it, then why sell it to your fans?
  4. Be honest
    Stay away from false advertising or exaggerated promises when selling your products and services. Would you rather sell 100 units, have 20 people return them and complain publicly online or sell 50 with no refunds and have all 50 actively raving about you?  Which one is more sustainable over time?
  5. Don’t copy others – Get ideas from others
    Getting a pink website designed because you think your market likes pink and your competitor uses pink, then showing up dressed in black will only confuse them.  If you like the layout, then implement certain elements.  Make sure you make it something that really is a representation of your business.
  6. Don’t do anything out of character 
    People follow people who take a stand and build their life, actions and products around it.  You can spend years building trust and credibility, but can destroy it in an instant.

Porter’s points are not ground-breaking thinking but serve to make us think about our brand and how really simple it is to take care of it.

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