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Say Thank You To Your Customers


Communication in today’s hyper-connected environment is at an all-time high.

Six billion SMS (short message service) messages are sent every day in the United States, according to Forrester Research, and over 2.2 trillion are sent a year. Globally, 8.6 trillion text messages are sent each year, according to Portio Research.

Marketers are tempted to use every screen available to promote, cajole, up sell, introduce, discount 100% of the time.

LinkedIn, the ‘professional’ social network took a different approach with a simple message, on our 10th anniversary we’d like to say Thank you. Every now and then it isn’t all bad to just thank the people who make your business a success – your customers.

‘Nuff said.

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 6.40.49 AM

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