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Showrooming Is Really Amazoning


Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 6.35.01 AMAt On The Horizon, Thought-Tech authors have written about showrooming several times. Posts such as “Showrooming Rewrites Retail Playbook“, and “Showrooming Evolution” have chronicled the evolution of the practice of online price-checking while in a retail store.

Showrooming was not even part of the retail lexicon until Amazon CEO introduced it’s price check app in 2011.

The Amazon Price Check app seems simple enough. Shoppers use the app to compare the retailers prices other retailers…most affiliated with Amazon. They scan a barcode, snap a picture, say the product name or type the search. Often the results are eye-popping. Differences of 20% to 30% are not uncommon in some products such as TV’s.

As reported here earlier the brilliance of Amazon’s price check app lies in two layers. First, of course, it drives business to Amazon. If the consumer does not want/need the convenience of grab-and-go from the retailers’ shelf…saving 20% is well worth a couple days wait. The second layer of genius is that Amazon receives real-time competitive pricing data from a volunteer army of data collectors…I mean, shoppers. As such Amazon knows how to tweek its prices to stay attractively competitive with its bricks and mortar competition.

So we’d like propose that the term showrooming morph into Amazoning. It’s more descriptive and possibly trademarkable.

At the risk of over doing infographics we came upon this infographic on Amazoning. Take a look…the numbers are stunning.


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