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TV Celebs To Resurrect The Sears Brand


the-truth-about-dinosaurs-extinctionSears, the once venerable but now tarnished retail brand, has uncovered the magic bullet to resurrect itself.

Sears is developing a new business unit called Shop Your Way Brands that focuses on entertainment-driven fashion and lifestyle brands. Huh? 

If Kim Kardashian couldn’t help Sears Holdings turn its retail operations around, what makes it think singer Adam Levine, or rapper-turned-American Idol judge Nikki Minaj, will do any better?

As also rans Levine and Minaj have taken the stature of Sears down yet another notch…if that’s even possible.

What Sears fails to grasp is whether the “authentic personal style of iconic artists” is exactly what the typical Sears shopper is looking for. Levine wears t-shirts, jeans and looks like he’s just rolled out of bed. That is a look American men aspire to?

It’s easy to understand why Sears might want to hitch its wagon to celebrities, as revenues continue to drain away, dropping more than 4% in 2012, and down 25% since 2007, the last year it recorded a gain. In contrast, Wal-Mart sales grew 4% in the 4Q 2012, to $127 billion while Target’s sales were almost 7% higher, and neither had to rely upon pop stars to achieve the growth.

As Sears ping-pongs around strategically there’s speculation, perhaps tongue in cheek, that it may put in a bid for JCPenney. Makes perfect sense to me. Roll up Sears, Kmart and JCPenney in a singular, death-spiralling retail brand would make for great fodder for this blog.

Sears could fund a portion of the JCPenney acquisition by off-loading Lands’ End. It’s the perfect opportunity for America’s retail dinosaures to go into extinction together.

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