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Be A Real Man – Tuck In Your Shirt


detailsFeature3hToday we are several years into a trend that shouldn’t have made it past one winter. That is guys purposely wearing woven dress shirts with the tails out.

Unless you’re under 22 years old it looks sloppy and contrived.

And why is it that the shirt tails out thing is favored by those with a gut? They think it’s camouflage for fat. Unfortunately they are wrong. Covering a rotund belly with shirting fabric does little to make that belly disappear.

At Thought-Tech we’ve been critical of the state of men’s dress for years. Ever since the dawn of “casual Friday’s” it’s been open season on good taste in men’s dress. And that’s a shame.

Back in Sept 2011 our post “When Did Men Stop Dressing Like Real Men” continues to be viewed nearly every day as men and women ask themselves that very same question…when did men’s dress go juvenile and sloppy? The question should be, “Why should I buy into this boy/slop style?”

The date is irrelevant. But the trend that has given the boy/slop style ‘legs’ (pardon the pun) is the expansion of denim acceptability. A few years ago a blazer and tie worn with denim signified a roguishness favored by ad guys and creative types.

Unfortunately today denim, including the designer jeans with prissy back pocket treatments/embellishments, is au de rigueur among many men. We ask what’s wrong with Levi’s and Wranglers? They’re jeans not a fashion statement.

Guys take an honest look at yourself in the mirror. Tuck in the tails, buy some big boy pants throw on a blazer and work off the gut. You’ll look more employable/promotable. Women will be drawn to your confident look. Best of all  you’ll feel like your on a mission to conquer the world instead of heading to the skateboard park.

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  1. Juetta West permalink
    04/11/2013 8:18 am

    Funny you should write about this awful trend that won’t go away. The other day I was in a grocery store and stumbled across a “skate boarder” in the bakery department with half his gut hanging out. Seems he thinks that he can still wear a medium when he actually is now XXL. Lay off the doughnuts!!!!!!

  2. Joe Mangan permalink
    04/11/2013 9:26 am


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