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Smaller Lavs on Planes – What’s A Mile-Highler to Do?


200128127-001When was the last time someone you knew said, “I just flew in from LA…the lavs on (insert the name of your frequently flown airline brand here) were clean, comfortable, oh and spacious”. That’d be never.

Delta Airlines, which is really ‘Northworst’ reincarnated, is the first company to order smaller restrooms for its new planes. Other airlines are expected to shrink the size of the lavatories in the near future.

Wait a sec…you say? Smaller lavs? Seriously?

Unless traveling internationally…lavs on commercial flights are to be avoided at all costs. Only if you’ve used a lav in combat or on a Lear Jet, the lavs on most airlines don’t even compete with the portable outhouses found at parks.

Coincidently Delta’s rework may lead to the creation of four additional seats per plane. That’s right. Four more paying backsides as opposed to freeloading backsides. Big difference in the CFO’s books.

But is this really a surprise? United is allegedly charging 8 bucks for those disgusting polyester ‘blankets’ that they couldn’t give away for free 5 years ago.

Today commercial air travel has denigrated to the lowest level. For those of us whose Gulfstream is in the ‘shop’ it’s time to avoid the air brands that treat travelers like chattel…and gravitate to brands like Southwest and Frontier. Both air brands realize their customers’ allegiance is only as good as their last flight experience.

Without discounting the fact that running an airlines today must be impossibly difficult we should give the airlines a Mulligan. But airlines should step back and view their product/service through their consumers’ lenses…as opposed to their accounts books.

Travel is a given. Airline brand allegiance is anything but.

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