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Calling All Geek Squads Home



The recently announced departure of Geek Squad Geeks from Target stores is a sign that Best Buy may actually rise out of its current funk.

Last August when the Geek Squad in Target electronics departments test was announced Thought-Tech wrote “Target Gets Geek Squad, Best Buy Gets Screwed“. We thought this was a bad idea for Best Buy. Perhaps the folks at Best Buy saw the light as well.

Neither retailer is sharing much about the reasons behind the breakup and there’s no inside info here to suggest who or why the program is not continuing.

What the move does imply about Best Buy is that they may actually have a chance of surviving the awful mess they’ve gotten themselves in.

Anyone who reads this drivel regularly knows we are not fans of retail brands being led by individuals with no retail experience. But at this point CEO Hubert Joly, who comes from the hospitality industry, may be exactly what Best Buy needs.

Joly appears to be taking a practical and analytical approach to righting the ship. Along with calling the Geeks back home Joly is cutting distractions like the company’s venture capital arm. Additionally he’s orchestrated the return of founder Richard Schulze as Chairman Emeritus…which may be symbolic but certainly a sign that some of the drama at the Richfield, MN based company is subsiding.

None of this tells us Best Buy is out of the woods. They are still shackled with big box store properties in an online consumer world. What we do see is a company that is valuing the things that made it successful in the first place – which is a 180 degree turn from where they were 12 months ago.

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