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Google Disrespects Easter


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Anyone who happened on Google’s landing page yesterday was greeted not by a Christian symbol or even the Easter Bunny, but by the face of Cesar Chavez.

Sunday was the birthday of the late California farm labor leader Cesar Chavez. And he was the subject of a Google doodle on the home page of the search engine.

Rick Wilson, a Florida-based Republican strategist, tweeted, “Google is celebrating Easter with Cesar Chavez. I’m celebrating Easter with Bing.”

Allegedly Chavez, whose birthday is on March 31st, was a devout Catholic…but that doesn’t give the big brains at Google a pass on this one. Regardless of Chavez’s accomplishments Google’s team should have thought this decision through a bit further.

2+ billion Christians celebrate Easter as the day “He is Risen”. It’s kind of a big deal.

Here in America Easter has come to be a time of family gatherings, over-eating, egg hunts and new clothes.

According to the National Retail Federation estimates in early March, Americans are expected to spend a total of about $17 billion on Easter. That translates into about $145.13 per person.

The likelihood Americans would spend $20 celebrating Chavez’s birthday is next to nil.

Why is it so unfashionable to be traditional in America today? Is it really necessary to tear down every tradition, moral-value and belief that has made America the great land it is?

I don’t think so. I wish brands like Google would embrace the fact only in America could those little brats in hoodies be multi-millionaires.

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