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Big Sized Sodas OK In NYC


New-Yorker-Bloomberg-soda-coverA judge struck down New York’s limits on large sugary drinks on Monday, one day before they were to take effect…whew, that was close!

The ruling represents a significant blow to one of the most ambitious and divisive initiatives of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s tenure.

In his opinion, Justice Milton A. Tingling Jr. of State Supreme Court in Manhattan called the limits “arbitrary and capricious,” echoing the complaints of city business owners and consumers who had deemed the rules unworkable and unenforceable, with confusing loopholes and voluminous exemptions.

Wait a second aren’t rules that are unworkable and unenforceable, with confusing loopholes and voluminous exemptions the specialty of big government?

Clearly Judge Tingling has no grasp of how government operates today.

The mayor’s plan, which he pitched as a novel effort to combat obesity, aroused worldwide curiosity and debate — and the ire of the American soft-drink industry, which undertook a multimillion-dollar campaign to block it. I hope that wasn’t a surprise!

Bloomberg said he would immediately appeal. “I’ve got to defend my children, and yours, and do what’s right to save lives,” the mayor said. “Obesity kills. There’s no question it kills.”

Bloomberg is correct in believing obesity is a problem and that obesity is the source of many health related problems that can lead to death. But to pitch this nanny-agenda position as defending our children is childish at best.


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