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Cabela’s New Commercials Are A Natural Fit


CabelasCabela’s, the 800 pound gorilla of the outdoor retail market, is airing a series of spots titled “It’s In Your Nature” and they are spot on.

“It’s In Your Nature” campaign works well on multiple levels.

Connecting emotional elements to hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities resonates with the customer.

The ad’s messaging hits many of the key points as to why outdoorsmen and women are so passionate about their sport. In doing so this may be the most effective bit of branding to hit the outdoors market. Here’s why:

Product is present throughout but never heavy-handed.

As a consumer who sits in Cabela’s sweet spot, I can confidently say this campaign will do great things for the Cabela’s brand.

Cabela’s brought in Aspen cinematographer/photographer Tyler Stableford to work with Cabela’s Brand Art Director, as well as creatives from Ogilvy NY — producing these fine broadcast spots and long-form online ads.

Stableford’s camerawork captures the outdoors in ways that those of us who spend time outdoors can relate to. The ad favors natural sound and screen copy over voiceover. Those lines capture the little blips of insight that might actually pass through your brain as you sit at a campsite, sipping coffee and staring at a stunning landscape of rolling mountains.

The message is definitely not for everyone. But the ad has enough emotional heft—and completely gorgeous scenery—to conjure a sort of romanticism even to people outside its target demographic.

If I were Cabela’s competition I’d be shaking in my Muck boots.

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