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Jaguar’s More Alive Spot Is DOA


corey-hart-sunglassesTrue story. The weekend of February 16 and 17 snow was piling up in the central Colorado mountains – but Denver was hit harder. Up to 11″ or so. Returning from Vail our SUV goes off the road and is stuck. Probably until spring. Fortunately while walking along at night I spy a pile of snow, brush some away and what lies below? A sparkling new Jaguar all-wheel-drive sedan. Being a hipster I smile wryly, turn on the beast and blast out of the snow into the moonlit horizon.

Sorry. It didn’t happen to me (thankfully) but it is the story line for Jaguar’s “More Alive” spot.

I find the commercial ridiculous on several levels.

First off, what the heck is Mr. Hipster doing wandering at night in deep powder wearing a $700 parka and mountaineering goggles? Oh yeah, it’s a tribute to one-hit wonder Cory Hart’s “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night”.

Second, how the heck does Mr. Hipster know that under that pile of snow lies a $75,000 automobile?

Third, when he gets in the sedan he smiles. I’d be ticked off. I’d much preferred to have uncovered a Tahoe, Sequoia or F150. C’mon man!

Next Mr. Hipster pushes a button and all the snow explodes off the sedan’s exterior. Cool feature but I’ve never seen the option available in snow country where I’ve lived all my life.

Finally, Mr. Hipster drives off into the dark, on a completely plowed road I might add, while the clouds above take the shape of the Jaguar icon. Seriously?

If one is lost in the wilderness the standard advice is to stay put. Wandering around usually leads to exhaustion. But it you’re lost and your near a road…why not head down to the road rather than tromping around in deep snow. Absurd.

If I was a Jag dealer I’d be miffed. This is the best the big buck marketing brains can do to sell AWD? AWD has been Audi’s turf for 4o years. Jaguar has to come out way stronger than this tepid effort to be anything more than an annoyance to Audi.

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