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Mobile Connects With Consumers


mobile_vid_pic1Mobile devices are the primary social media devices.

Sounds pretty intuitive doesn’t it? All one has to do is go where there are lots of other people and you’ll see many have their eyeballs glued to their smartphone. Most likely they’re not reading email. Consumers constantly use their smartphones or tablets to access social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

In fact 74% of the mobile audience access Facebook and 63% access Twitter via smartphones and tablets several times per day.

There is a shift occurring and marketers must take heed. Mobile is no longer a communications utility, but a media distribution hub. According to eMarketer, mobile now accounts for 12% of Americans’ media consumption time, triple its share in 2009.

To marketers, the prospect of reaching shoppers through their smartphones is tantalizing. But mobile doesn’t always mean on the go. New data show that 68% of consumers’ smartphone use happens at home. And users’ most common activity is not shopping or socializing but engaging in what researchers at BBDO and AOL call “me time.”

The mobile transition is happening astonishingly quickly. Last year, smartphone penetration crossed 50% for the first time, led by Android phones. People spend 63% of their time online on desktop computers and 37% on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, according to comScore.

As mobile continues to take share from desktop, some industries have been particularly affected, and they are seeing significant declines in desktop use of their products as a result. They are newspapers, search engines, maps, weather, comparison shopping, directories and instant messenger services.

Consumers are driving the bus. They are changing the rules. Savvy marketers will be ready for the bus when it arrives. The not so savvy marketers? Well, they’ll be eating exhaust.

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