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SI Swimsuit Issue Is Sexist…I Mean Racist


sportsillustrated_swimsuit2013_04Ok… the end of civilization has officially arrived!

According to the big brains at the Huffington Post:

“The newest edition of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue is getting a lot of buzz for the wrong reasons this week, with critics charging that the global pictorials are racist and reinforce bad stereotypes.

This year the heralded swimsuit issue decided on a seven continents theme, with its bikini-clad models posing in countries around the world. The problem for some, however, is who the models were posed with.

Instead of sticking to exotic backdrops, some of the models are featured standing next to people allegedly representing the various countries–an editorial decision that makes the “native people” tantamount to exotic props.”


If you see more than one person in the image above…you are looking to find a problem.

The swimsuit issue has been a staple of the Sports Illustrated publishing calendar since 1964. Considered by some to be filler in a dead time for sports the issue has become one of Time Inc.’s biggest revenue drivers over the years, bringing in more than $1 billion. In 2005 alone, the swimsuit issue generated an estimated $35 million in ad sales. On top of that there are outside merchandise sales like calendars, too. Today, it generates about 7% of SI’s annual revenue.

What the heck happened to the swimsuit issue being sexist? Ooogling women in bikinis was supposedly Neanderthal for men and degrading to women. Today those under-dressed women are exploiting indigenous peoples? C’mon people.

There are way bigger problems in American society today than to layer multiple political correctness conversations into the highly successful SI swimsuit issue.

For example…should we be worried about the animal cruelty inflicted on Anarctica’s penguins for having been exposed to Kate Upton’s backside? I think so!


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