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Ignoring Mobile Is Perilous to Brands


head-in-the-sand1Right now every brand should be evaluating its mobile strategy. Waiting until next fall will leave you flat-footed and unable to compete.

Those businesses/brands that must pay the closest attention to mobile include:

Undifferentiated If your product is undifferentiated and you do not control distribution you are competing with Amazon. And you will not win that game.

High Margin If your product has high margins you are competing on price. High margins create opportunity for discounting or promotions by competitors.

Social If your product is highly social or sharable, nearly three-quarters of your customers will come to your brand via mobile. Can you afford to miss out on that percentage of potential sales?

Why is mobile imperative? Because, right now, consumers are making it so. It’s safe to say that mobile brand interaction is the single largest shift in consumer relationships with retailers, businesses and brands.

Ignoring mobile for commerce, advertising, communication and promotion will be unhealthy for any brand choosing to do so. But go ahead. Ignore it. Your customers will ignore you.

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