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Slipping Into Spa Jeans

Hey, Lady. Get some Spa Jeans willya?

Hey, Lady. Get some Spa Jeans willya?

Just when we thought dodging the Mayan calendar meant we were in the clear – now this signal that the end is near.

Spa jeans!

Say what? Spa jeans? Yes ladies Wrangler has your back and invented moisturizing jeans.

What a revelation on the part of Wrangler! For ages brands and designers have thought that women just wanted a pair of jeans to make their back-end look smaller. Wrangler has tapped into the mind of the woman to come up with this revelation. What you really want your jeans to do is make your butt feel like it’s just been lathered with lotion.

Brings new meaning to slipping into a pair of jeans.

The new Wrangler jeans come with moisturizer built in. Wrangler Spa Denim jeans are infused with lotion and designed to cut down on dry skin irritation. Ladies can choose Wrangler jeans infused with either Olive extracts, aloe vera, or “Smooth Legs” moisturizers (the supposed cellulite-fighter).

Spa jeans are reportedly selling for about $135 to $150. Although the price is higher than the standard Wrangler jeans, the savings women could enjoy from not having to buy as much lotion could make up the difference in the long run. Right. Perhaps Bath and Body Works should shut down before they go out of business!

There is one caveat: The effects of the ingredients only last up to 15 days, but a reloading spray will also available to buy. I guess Bath and Body Works will be ok.

I can visualize the conversation now….

He – Honey, are you ready to go?

She – Not yet, I’m still reloading my jeans.

Yup. The end of the world is indeed near. A society that can’t keep its children safe in schools can create a product that no one needs. Lotion infused denim. Have pity on us!

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